Our consultants and analysts work at all stages of the project: from land development to the reconstruction of an existing building.

We prepare specialized reports for customers from various industries according to their individual requests. 

Analytical information developed by our experts can be used to make decisions by all market players when developing a Real Estate strategy.

  • Development of a project concept or
  • Provision of an audit of the concept
  • Development of a strategy and reconceptualization of existing facilities
  • Analysis of the best and most efficient use of land plot
  • Recommendations for improving the efficiency of the current use of land plot and real estate unit
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Development of a business plan
  • Project evaluation
  • Recommendations for construction phases
  • Functional zoning
  • Financial analysis
  • Development of plans for shopping centers
  • Development of office spaces and office layouts
  • Development of navigation and brand books of shopping centers
  • Detailed analysis of location and local market for a project or an existing facility
  • Market forecasting
  • Recommendations on choosing the optimal location for the project
  • Feasibility evaluation of the market rental rate for a provided location or for a specific facility
  • Calculation of market potential
  • Calculation of the intensity of traffic flows, pedestrian flows and possible foot traffic of the facility
  • Establishing the class of a real estate unit with the compliance of the international methods and classifications

Andrey Pavlyshko

Partner, Managing Director


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Learn about our projects

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