NAI Belarus provides comprehensive services to tenants in relation to warehouse and logistics facilities as well as assists Clients to renegotiate existing lease agreements with property owners.

The focus of our activities is directed to the business processes of our Clients. We provide a thorough analysis of each section of the lease / sale agreement and provide solutions that ensure flexibility and efficiency of our partners' business.

  • Search for warehouses and logistics facilities at the request of the Client
  • Analysis of potential offers in terms of operating costs and cash flow
  • Conclusion, termination, renewal and renegotiation of warehouse lease agreements on behalf of the Client
  • Analysis of business alternatives: renegotiation of a lease or relocation of a warehouse; lease or purchase
  • Preparation of a rental strategy based on operating costs and current location
  • Representing the interests of the Client and conducting negotiations on his/her behalf

NAI Belarus provides complex services as a lessor of warehouses and logistics infrastructure. Our database allows us to efficiently select clients who want to find real estate.

The NAI Belarus brokerage team has professional experience in dealing with “complex” real estate objects; we transform our experience into custom solutions and optimization of rental income.

  • Analysis of the current situation in the warehouse real estate market
  • Development of a commercialization strategy for an object
  • Selection of tenants and buyers
  • Analysis of competitive offers on a regular basis (commercial terms, infrastructure, financial performance, etc.)
  • Representing the interests of the lessor in commercial negotiations and in the process of negotiating a lease agreement

Andrey Aleshkin

Partner, Executive Director

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Learn about our projects

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