NAI Global enters the Belarusian market


The Belarusian market greets an international company in the field of
commercial real estate from the world TOP 3 (according to LIPSEY’S
2020) - NAI Global

2020 will be a turning point in the market of professional services in the field of commercial real estate in Belarus

Outsourcing management of commercial real estate projects is no longer an unknown foreign term in our rapidly developing world. That is the reason for NAI Global to open an office in Belarus. The main emphasis will be placed on the full range of services: from the idea and concept of the project, management of construction (project management), business planning, assessment of real estate, brokerage, trust management of real estate assets (asset management), cash flow management (property management), comprehensive maintenance and cleaning (facility management), to the sale of the entire project (investment services).

Currently we have concluded service agreements on integrated management (cash flow management, marketing, maintenance and cleaning, etc.) with three business centers and one shopping and entertainment center in Minsk with a total area of more than 100,000 sq.m. We are planning to increase the portfolio of serviced projects not only in Minsk but throughout Belarus.

The worldwide strategy of NAI Global is using the experience of the strongest players in the local market and applying local expertise on a global scale of business. That is why the well-known experts with profound experience on the Belarusian real estate market Andrei Pavlyshko and Andrei Alyoshkin have become project partners in Belarus.

Andrei Pavlyshko: “We are pleased that the Belarusian commercial real estate market has moved to a new stage in its development and has become part of the regional expansion of NAI Global, the Company that applies existing opportunities to develop business not only in such strategically important regions of the world as New York, London, Singapore, but as well in other major world centers of business activity. I am sure that the competence of a Belarusian team of experts will allow NAI Global to invest effectively in the development of corporate solutions and in increase of the number of new offers in the capital market, as well as in the development of business for asset/property management and project/real estate management, and the development of the assessment and consulting services in our region".

Andrei Alyoshkin: “First of all, the entry of NAI Global in the Belarusian market is a sign of the development of the real estate market in Belarus, as well as a high assessment of the development prospects for the entire complex of services. Being part of the origins of the formation of a civilized commercial real estate market in Belarus, I am pleased now to join NAI Global. I believe that my experience and knowledge will assist in launching full-fledged activities to provide the whole range of NAI Global services in the soonest possible time and to offer unique conditions for clients and partners. 2020 is a year of challenges for the global economy as a whole and, for sure, for the economy and market of Belarus. But this is also an opportunity that we at NAI Belarus will try to use to the maximum extent to help our clients and partners to survive this difficult year with the minimal losses”.

About NAI Global: NAI Global is a leading global brokerage firm for the commercial real estate. NAI Global's offices are leaders in their local markets and work closely to provide clients with exceptional solutions to meet their demands for the commercial real estate.

NAI Belarus is the Belarusian representative office of the NAI Global consulting company network, one of the TOP-3 world brands in the real estate market, one of the largest world brokers providing services in 55 countries, with 400+ offices and 7000+ employees.

The Company manages over 38 million square meters and its annual turnover is $ 45 billion. NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners. It is one of the largest players in the US real estate investment market and manages more than $ 150 billion.

Regardless of whether you need to buy, sell, rent, finance or manage commercial real estate in your city, in the USA, Asia, Europe, Latin America and any other part of the world, the nearest local office of NAI Global is your local entry point to the world of effective solutions in commercial real estate.

Learn about our projects

Learn about our projects

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